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What we’re about

Oclimate is a dedicated online social media platform for conversations regarding global issues and environmental topics. Our e-platform looks at bringing the public to create a community to work towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

We aim to bring together people from all around the world to create environmental awareness by closing the gap among countries.

A place to find, connect, and learn with nature lover’s you already know, you’d like to know and the folks you should know.

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How Oclimate works

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Oclimate serves as a framework for businesses to communicate their goals and achievements towards sustainability to enhance awareness.

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Oclimate acts as a social media platform that allows users to quickly share thoughts, images, and videos.

A marketplace platform where eco products can be promoted around the globe to lead a wholesome way of life.

Travel will make an incredibly more well-rounded human being with our distinctive sustainable travel platform.

Our unique product will act as a portal for environmental and sustainability jobs for those specifically looking to go into a niche.

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e-learning platform that acts as a free educational platform for people from all around the world to further hone their knowledge through enrolling in courses focused on nature and environmental space.

Awesome Features


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Conversation and connection among members and shared interests with certain people.


Forthcoming events near you and the things that fit your interest


Express Yourself and Share Your Passions


Video can influence, educate, amuse, challenge, persuade, inspire


Platform allows for a better balance of work and studies