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Oclimate we need to know and act!

What we’re about

Oclimate is an interactive social media application for global issues

A community to connect and create awareness for our global causes through thought sharing, video posting, blogging, events, and acts as a knowledge-sharing hub.

A place to find, connect and learn with nature lover’s you already know, you’d like to know and the folks you should know.

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We look small,
but think big

How Oclimate works

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Organizations are engaged to protect the environment widely, here it’s a place that acts as a framework for communicating the setting and achievement of the organization to the public and enhances awareness.

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Oclimate acts as a social media platform allow users to quickly share thoughts, posts and update their common interests where users can upload, share images, and videos.

A space to promote bio-degradable products and encourages people to lead a wholesome eco-friendly way of life.

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Students are using various online tools to cater to different requirements, where people can learn, connect with the expertise to share their thoughts, exchange questions, resolve their queries in the field of environmental science.

Awesome Features


Enjoy the user-friendly experience with our Oclimate chat


Conversation and connection among members and shared interests with certain people.


Forthcoming events near you and the things that fit your interest


Express Yourself and Share Your Passions


Video can influence, educate, amuse, challenge, persuade, inspire


Platform allows for a better balance of work and studies